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A tale of the past, present, and future— The Handmaid’s Tale

Book introduction The book is set in the future where the United States is taken over by the Republic of Gilead. Under the regime, women and men live under horror and bizarre consequences, and women are especially demoralized to birth-giving machines. The book is fascinating and written brilliantly. The unique point of view and narrationContinue reading “A tale of the past, present, and future— The Handmaid’s Tale”


The Legacy of Slavery- Beloved

Cry and tell him things they only told each other: that time didn’t stay put; that she called, but Howard and Bulgar walked on down the railroad track and couldn’t hear her; that Amy was scared to stay with her because her feet were ugly and her back looked so bad; that her ma’am hadContinue reading “The Legacy of Slavery- Beloved”

Technology, Humanity and Social Stability- Brave New World

Book Introduction: In the book Brave New World, Huxley envisioned an all-encompassing community where “every one belong to every one else”. In this community, people are reproduced in test tubes and are predestined into different castes before their birth. All their life, they only fulfill their own destiny as someone from certain caste and obtainContinue reading “Technology, Humanity and Social Stability- Brave New World”