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Psychoanalysis of Racism–Black Skin, White Masks

Psychoanalysis of Racism: book review of Black Skin, White Masks There are many ways to dissect and dismantle racism, and Fanon chooses psychoanalysis in his nonfiction Black Skin, White Masks, a book that explores the realm of Black people‚Äôs consciousness when white people enter it and imposes a hierarchy of racial superiority and inferiority. IContinue reading “Psychoanalysis of Racism–Black Skin, White Masks”


The power of faith–The Nickel Boys

Book introduction In segregated Tallahassee, Elwood Curtis is a high school senior ready to go to college. However, one innocent mistake reverses his fate and brings him to the Nickel Academy, a juvenile reformatory and a grotesque chamber of horrors. In the Academy, Elwood is constantly inspired by the words of Martin Luther King toContinue reading “The power of faith–The Nickel Boys”