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Common Dark Side Disclosure- Crazy Rich Asians

“Just because some people actually work for their money doesn’t mean they are beneath you.” — Kevin Kwan Book Intro Crazy Rich Asians is Kevin Kwan’s first novel, which is written in 2013. It is about Rachel’s trip to Singapore with her boyfriend Nick Young and her reaction upon realizing Nick’s family as the wealthiest familyContinue reading “Common Dark Side Disclosure- Crazy Rich Asians”


Unity and Conflicts- Animal Farm

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” — George Orwell Book Intro Animal Farm is about a farm being taken over by overworked and mistreated animals and ended up being ruled under totalitarianism. Stalinist Russia was considered the target when the book was first published. However, this masterpiece could apply toContinue reading “Unity and Conflicts- Animal Farm”

Social Change by Colonialism- Things Fall Apart

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannnot hear the falconer; things fall apart, the center cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” — W.B Yeats, “The Second Coming” Book Intro Things Fall Apart is the first of three novels in Chinua Achebe’s critically acclaimed African Trilogy. It described Africa’s encounter withContinue reading “Social Change by Colonialism- Things Fall Apart”

The Sense of Belonging- When the Emperor was Divine

The Sense Of Belonging        One major question philosophers seek for answers is who we are, and to answer that they often ask where people are from and where they belong to. Each individual in the planet belongs to a family or a home, where their parents gave birth to the individual; people belong toContinue reading “The Sense of Belonging- When the Emperor was Divine”

Social Norm and Social Constraint on Gender Roles- The Awakening

“The bird that would soar above the level plain of tradition and prejudice must have strong wings. It is a sad spectacle to see the weaklings bruised, exhausted, fluttering back to earth.”  Book Introduction The Awakening is written by Kate Chopin in 1899 and deals with the issue of solitude and gender inequality in theContinue reading “Social Norm and Social Constraint on Gender Roles- The Awakening”

Why Racial Profiling is Wrong- When the Emperor was Divine

” The sign had appeared overnight. On billboards and trees and the backs of the bus-stop benches. It hung in the window of Woolworth’s.”  Book Intro The book is a about a Japanese American family that has been reclassfied and sent to an internment camp in the Utah desert. Like thousands of Japanese American family,Continue reading “Why Racial Profiling is Wrong- When the Emperor was Divine”

Social Violence Disclosure- Eleanor and Park

“He’d stopped trying to bring her back.She only came back when she felt like it, in dreams and lies and broken-down déjà vu.” Book Introduction The story of Eleanor and Park follows dual narratives by Eleanor and Park, two misfits living in  Nebraska from 1986 to 1987. They met on a school bus on Eleanor’s first dayContinue reading “Social Violence Disclosure- Eleanor and Park”